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Every so often, a new artist comes along whose music immediately captivates you – it makes you pause and think.
For Ingersol, music and the arts have always played a big part in her life. By the age of three, Ingersol already showed a passion for anything musical and with her parent’s encouragement she began to develop her talents. Her first singing debut came in her church choir at the age of four, and by the age of five, she was able to handle pieces like “Gloria” by Vivaldi and “Bist Du Bie Mir” by Bach with ease.
Ingersol credits her choir director, Barbara Bruns, with promoting her passion and developing a true sense of emotion that comes with music and musical performance.
She first began an interest in playing guitar after her cousin gifted her with an acoustic that she determinedly plucked away at even though it was far too big for her to hold properly. Later, her parents bought her an electric guitar—more suitably sized, and at thirteen, Ingersol had the opportunity to attend Summer Music Program at Harcum College where she learned more formally how to play. The program focused on learning rock music, and Ingersol’s counselors/teachers were music students from the Berkley School of Music, NYU, and UART’s, to name a few.
Ingersol went into the program knowing only how to play “Good Riddance” by Green Day, but by the end of that summer, left knowing power chords and a gaining a great feeling of confidence in her abilities as a musician. Her experience there opened her to really knowing more about her own direction in music. It was also there that Ingersol was introduced to songwriting. She recorded two original songs for her final project, one of which, “Apocalypse”, appears on her debut album.
Says Ingersol: “As a fan of writing poetry, I took the feeling of the music and began putting words to melodies. From that point I could identify with the whole sound by embracing my experiences and weaving them together into songs”

Ingersol was born July 22, 1990, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She grew up traveling between Philly and the UK, as her mother emigrated from London, England. Her parents met at Oxford University in England. Spending her childhood in both countries, gave Ingersol a sense of uniqueness which translated strongly into her music. During her studies at Susquehanna University, Ingersol performed regularly at local venues and charity concerts. She spent 3 months in Europe visiting Florence (Italy), Paris (France), London, Liverpool and Glasgow (UK) during a summer abroad program where, when not in classes, she performed for her roommates and “jammed” with various local musicians. She earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from Susquehanna University (‘13).
Ingersol’s paintings (one of which is the cover art for her debut album) have been featured as cover art for her alumnus magazine, as well as in several shows. In addition to her first love of music, Ingersol is passionate about painting, sketching, and photography, as well as travel, cooking, family, and animals—especially her family’s pets, currently five cats. Ingersol carries her Taylor acoustic guitar (fondly named Babylon) with her everywhere she goes.
“Painting and art is very much in the same seed as music in my mind. In the words of the great Leopold Stokowski ‘A painter paints his pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.’ I think that both forms of art are important in the advancement of society by providing the soundtrack for silence and enlightening people to see things through other people’s eyes.”
All music interests Ingersol, and this is evident in her debut album to be released November 6, featuring the first single “Comfort Comfort.” She worked extensively with Grammy nominated- producer, Alex Salzman, who helped her weave her many musical influences with her intimate, honest, and often profound songwriting style. Says Salzman, “Ingersol’s multi-faceted musicality and ability to freely express herself lyrically has allowed us to successfully craft a deep retrospective on her life’s experiences in this debut album.”
The 12 track debut album takes listeners on a well-crafted, layered journey that will undoubtedly speak to them on many levels.
Songs such as “This Too Shall Pass” and “Chasing Shadows,” Ingersol immediately evidences a complexity that is at once compelling and accessible.
Ingersol’s first video, directed by Erik Palladino, for the song “Comfort Comfort” is available now. You can check out the debut video here.

All management and media contact information is available at www.Ingersolmusic.com via the Contact tab and menu.

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